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ZonaSafe is the app you need to stay safe in the main Latin American Cities. «GREAT TOOL FOR TRAVELLERS & THOSE WHO WANT TO MOVE AROUND THEIR CITY SAFELY » ZonaSafe is completely user based. It the local community actively reports the level of safety of an area and encourages local businesses to implement good security measures in exchange of FREE ADVERTISING. Zona Safe will allow you to: •Check the level of safety of an area you enter or plan to visit. •Report crime and submit the level of safety of an area based on personal experience. •View other user reports in the area. •View maps and find safe and unsafe locations. •View safety tips. •Stay in touch with friends and family, send your location and request location – without loosing your privacy! •Small businesses are encouraged to provide additional safety on their premises and report the current level of safety in their zone. You will be able to see these Safe Locations on your map, so you can support a safe environment in your community. •One download works for all countries. Please recommend this app. The more people using ZonaSafe, the more safe places we will have!

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